Week 8


  • October 23rd–Austin Science and Nature Center to participate in the “Conservation Quest” (no cost)
  • October 25th–Fall Festival  (We are in charge of the Haunted Hallway, the Glow Sticks, and Water Balloon Launcher)
  • November 1st–Your deposit of $50 for Camp Champions is due on this date, as are scholarship applications if you need assistance with the remaining $100 cost.
  • November 18th–Paramount Theater to watch “Tomás and the Library Lady” ($5.00)


Learning this week:


  • Multiplying by 2-digit and 3-digit numbers (Review from last week)
  • Multiplying by decimals (Review from last week)
  • Dividing a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number
  • Understanding remainders
  • Solving Problems with multiplication and division

Science–We continue our study of properties of matter:

  • Forms of Energy:  Mechanical, Light, Sound, Electricity, and Thermal Energy
  • Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy
  • Conversion of Energy from one form to another.

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