Week 28

-Following our STAAR tests, we will begin a SS unit about the Civil War.  We’ll use the book Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James L Swanson. As part of the unit, we will be visited by a colleague who is a Civil War reactor!  To find out more about the book or order your own copy, follow this link:  Chasing Lincoln’s  Killer.
-Encourage your child to read articles about the Civil War in KidBiz 3000. Some of them will be SS grades, and they will automatically entered in a contest if they can complete 12 articles (with a score of 75% or higher) by May 6th

-Review of skills for STAAR test

-Structural and Behavioral Adaptations of Animals
-Structural Adaptations of Plants
-Functions of Adaptations

Upcoming Events:
-Math STAAR Test–April 1st.
-Reading STAAR Test–April 2nd.
-Earth Camp–April 14-17th.
-Science STAAR Test–April 23rd

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