Upcoming Volunteer Training

Want to volunteer? Whether you want to go on field trips with your child’s class, read with students, tutor, or shelve books in the library, you’ll need to attend an AISD mandatory volunteer training. If you had this training last year, you get a year off. If you never had this training or had it two years ago, please save the date. Training is required every 2 years. Pick one date/time only.

Volunteer Training
Location: Cafeteria (Check in with office first)

9/23 (Tue) – 8-9am
9/24 (Wed) – 6-7pm
9/30 (Tue) – CHOOSE ONE: 8-9am & 6-7pm
10/16 (Thur) 6-7pm
11/20 (Thur) 5-6pm 

*These dates were not on the calendars sent home last Wednesday. They should be on the school�s website calendar now (or by the end of the week). Visit http://www.travisheightselementary.com for all future dates

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