Middle School Magnet Information

Come to the THES Library on Thursday, Jan. 8th, between 6pm-7pm to learn more about the magnet programs available for our students!

Over the next two weeks in LA, we will be looking at persuasive writing, discussing the techniques authors use to try to persuade us, and writing our own persuasive letters.  The students will have the opportunity to write a persuasive letter to anyone they choose regarding a topic they care about.  For students working on applications for Middle School Magnet programs, they may choose this time to work on a letter to the Ann Richards or one of the essays to Kealing.  If you would like your child to apply to either school, please encourage them to use this time to work on their application.

Don’t forget that the AISD Middle School Choice Fair at Ann Richards this Saturday from 9 am – 12 noon.

Finally, please have your child put their name and student id on the teacher recommendation forms and get them to your teachers  as soon as you can.  We fill those out and fax them to the schools from our office.

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