New Year Announcements

Supplies   It’s that time of year to replenish student supplies.  Please check with your child about what supplies they have run out of.  Some students need pencils, others need to replace folders.

Science Fair   To know how their Science Fair projects are being judged, Mrs. Penney has provided a document to label the poster.  You can get it here:  Science Fair Categories.  You can also find the actual Judge’s sheet here:  SF Judging Sheet Eng  or  SF Judging Sheet Sp.  These pages show judging criteria for two types of projects.  5th grade is being judged on Experiments.

Middle School   For those of you interested in the Fulmore Magnet program, they are hosting an “Evening of Wonder” on January 14th 5:30-7:30 pm.  A flyer went home about this event on Friday.  If you need another copy, please contact Fulmore at 512-414-3207.

Anti-Bullying   Our wonderful school counselor, Mrs. Morales-Barberena, has shared a video about bullying that would be great to view as a family.  Here is the website:  Stop Bullying, Speak Up.

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