Adaptations – Behavioral Adaptations

AdaptationsLearning Target:

  • I can compare the structures and functions of different species that help them live and survive.

Think about these questions today as we learn about natural resources:

  • What are adaptations?
  • How do adaptations help an organism survive?
  • How do organisms’ structures change over time to help them survive in an environment?
  • How are organisms adapted to live in the desert? the water? the ocean? a forest? a prairie? to be awake at night?


  • adaptation
  • behavior
  • environment
  • function
  • habitat
  • instinct
  • stimulus
  • species
  • survive


  • Complete Structural Adaptations Anchor Chart
  • Plant Adaptations Cards activity
  • Begin Behavior Adaptations Anchor Chart


Read to Understand:

  • Your Best Behavior from HMH Fusion, pages 536-537