Geology Vocabulary


Learning Targets:

  • I can recognize how landforms, such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes, are the result of changes to Earth’s surface by wind, water, and ice.
  • I can identify slow changes to Earth’s surface caused by weathering, erosion, and deposition from water, wind, and ice.

Think about these questions today as we review what we know about geology:

  • How are rocks broken down on Earth’s surface?
  • What landforms would be created by the effects of weathering?
  • How are landforms altered by the effects of weathering, erosion, and deposition?

Streambank erosion can be a major contributor of sediment to down stream waters


  • deposition
  • erosion
  • geology
  • landform
  • sediment
  • weathering


  • Models of weathering, erosion, and deposition.
  • Students create an anchor of support for those terms.


  • Landforms Sorting Activity-Be ready to explain your choice.
  • Groups share their results of the sorting activity as the class makes a large T-Chart


  • In groups, students answer today’s questions.
  • Groups share out their answers to today’s questions.


  • Students independently create a Frayer Model for the word landform in their science notebooks.