Rapid Changes–Day 1

Learning Target: I can explain rapid changes to the Earth’s surface, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and land slides.

Think about these questions today as we review what we know about the Sun, moon, and Earth:

  • What is the surface of the Earth like?
  • What’s inside the Earth?
  • What are the layers of the Earth and what is each one of them like?
  • What natural events can cause the Earth’s surface to change rapidly?



  • Display this graphic:  Dynamic Earth
  • Distribute copies of Round-Table Questions (one set per table).
  • Round Table Questions
  • Students pass the pages around the table, each writing their answer on the page.
  • When all are done, share the information for each level by rolling the mouse over its name.
  • Students glue the Layers of Earth Chart in their notebooks:  English  Spanish



  • Online:
  • Discuss three types of plate boundaries.
  • Hands-on Activity:  Use spaghetti to model pressure between plates.
  • Discuss this vocabulary:  plate, boundary, pressure, fault.
  • Students glue Tectonic Plates Map in their notebooks.