Soil – Water Retention Lab


Learning Target: I can examine and describe the properties of soils, including color, texture, capacity to retain water and ability to support the growth of plants. 

Think about these questions today as we learn more about geology:

  • Why is soil an important resource?
  • Why is water retention an important property?
  • How does changing the make-up of your soil improve its ability to support plant life?
  • What can you add to soil to change it?
  • What happens to soil when it’s used year after year to plant the same crop?
  • Why does the soil in the Coastal Plains of Texas have a lot of clay in it?
  • How do soils differ in different ecosystems?
  • How have plants adapted to living in different soils?



  • Vocabulary Review Game – Soil
  • Discussion:  Based on what we have learned about soils, what are some factors that might affect the soil’s ability to retain water?

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.47.14 AM



  • Discuss result to today’s lab & record data on Soil-AnchorChart
  • Review and answer the questions for today’s lesson.