THES Photogs


What is the Photojournalism Team?

Every Tuesday the Photojournalism Team meets during their lunch time.  This team is composed of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade student leaders who have applied and been accepted to this leadership team.  During our time together we and throughout the week we–

  • Meet with photographers and journalists in our community to learn more about those professions.
  • Practice our photography skills.
  • Practice our writing skills.
  • Get feedback from our teachers, professional photographers, and each other to improve our products.
  • Provide assistance to teachers who are updating information on our school website.
  • Attend school events to take photos and gather information.
  • Interview community members to take photos and gather information.
  • Publish our photos and words to the school news at Thundernews.

How do I join the Photojournalism Team?

Our leadership team documents the news at THES through photographs and writing.  We share that news on the school website.  New members for 4th and 5th grade are accepted at the beginning of each school year.  New members for 3rd grade are accepted in December.

To apply for the team, you will need to submit:

  • An application letter
  • Parent Permission, signed
  • Teacher Recommendation, signed
  • Media Consent, signed

All parts of the application must be turned in to the office or Mr. Hawes by noon on the due date to be considered.  Download what you need here:

How can I help?

If you love supporting artistic growth in our young people, please consider volunteering or donating to our team.  To see what we need, click here.