High Tide Low Tide
Learning Target:
 I can analyze data and make predictions of change in tides.

Think about these questions today as we review what we know about the Sun, moon, and Earth:

  • How much of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans?
  • What creates ocean tides?
  • What is the pattern of the tides?
  • How does the Moon affect tides?
  • How many tide changes occur per day on the Texas Coast?
  • At what times are the low tides observed?
  • At what times are the high tides observed?
  • We say there are usually two high tides and two low tides daily/  Why does the data show otherwise?FundyTides


  • gravity
  • gravitational pull
  • high tide
  • low tide
  • tidal cycle


  • Review about Tides
    • Discovery Video:  Tides (2 min.)
    • NOAA Video:  Tides (2 min.)
    • Tides Diagram
    • Turn-and-Talk
      • What are tides?
      • What causes tides?




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