Water Cycle Review

Water Cycle

Learning Target: I can explain how the Sun and the ocean interact in the water cycle.

Think about these questions today as we review what we know about the Sun, moon, and Earth:

  • Where does most of the water that evaporates in the water cycle come from?
  • How does water get into the oceans?
  • How does the Sun affect the water in the ocean?
  • How does the Sun create wind?
  • How does the Sun affect weather in coastal areas?
  • How do the ocean and Sun interact in the water cycle?
  • Why is it more humid in coastal areas?
  • Why is there more precipitation in coastal areas?
  • Does the Earth have more or less water now than 1,000 years ago?  Explain.


  • accumulation
  • ground water
  • run off
  • transpiration
  • percolation
  • water vapor
  • fresh water
  • salt water



  • Activity:  Water Cycle ModelWater Cycle Model
  • Students draw model and label in Journals:
    • Heat Source = Sun
    • Main Water Source = Oceans
    • Solid Water = Snow
    • Run Off = Accumulation of water back into oceans


  • Students write explanation of the water cycle next to their drawing in journals.
  • Turn and Talk.
  • Share out.

Evaluation:Water Cycle 2

  • Class Participation
  • Science Journals