What is Climate?

Average Rainfall

Learning Target: I can differntiate between the climate and weather of an area

Think about these questions today as we review what we know about the Sun, moon, and Earth:

  • What is the difference between weather and climate?
  • What kinds of data are collected for climate reports?  Weather reports?
  • What is the value of collecting weather data and climate data over time?
  • When would we want to look at climate data?  Weather data?


  • air pressure
  • climate
  • equator
  • forecast
  • meteorologist
  • precipitation/average precipitation
  • temperature/average temperature
  • weather


Read to Understand:

  • Preview Note Catcher:  English  Spanish
  • Read & take notes:  “How do Weather and Climate Differ?” (pages 411-412)
  • Read & take notes:  “Hot, Cold, and Medium” (pages 414-415)
  • Read & take notes:  “Why Climates Differ” (pages 416-417)
  • If time allows, work with your table on “Do the Math!” (page 413).  To create the graph for Houston’s average temperature, you can use this website:  Create a Graph.  Check with your teacher before printing.

Adding to your learning:

  • Work with your teacher to create an anchor chart comparing Weather and Climate.  (Use a Venn diagram.)
  • Learn more about vocabulary using the “Vocabulary Matching” sets.

Learn More: